Blue Oak Creative School House is a diverse learning community dedicated to the educational and social development of young children. Our program is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach - parents, teachers, and children work in close collaboration in a mutually supportive environment. At Blue Oak, children connect academic concepts to real-world investigations in the arts and nature. The goal of Blue Oak is not to fill students with information, but rather to create lifelong learners with a passion for making their own discoveries.

Our classroom ratio of 6 students to 1 teacher allows us to work with the children in small groups to observe and support their learning processes. This ratio also allows the teachers to spend time individually with each child on a regular basis.   

We believe that the early years of a child’s education serve as the foundation for their future academic lives.  Knowledgable educators and challenging materials inspire children to learn and research all the learning domains. By combining an inspiring environment, engaging materials, and teacher attention to the particular needs of each child, Blue Oak supports broad developmental goals as well as specific learning outcomes for preschool through kindergarten-age children.


Blue Oak Creative Schoolhouse